EPA approves use of toxic pesticide previously banned for use on citrus

Image: EPA approves use of toxic pesticide previously banned for use on citrus

(Natural News) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Jan. 12 that it approved the use of aldicarb, a toxic pesticide it had banned in 2010, and the antibiotic streptomycin on Florida’s citrus plants. The decision allows 100,000 acres of citrus groves to be treated with 2.5 million pounds of aldicarb, which has been banned in over …

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If America Falls, Where Will You Go?

American Flag

Where will you go to find another country that provides the opportunities and individual guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness outlined in our founding documents and guaranteed by a government of, by and for the people? As I sit here on the first snowy day of winter, 2020 in my warm home, …

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Join Us At Bloglovin’


Follow my blog with Bloglovin From Wikipedia… Bloglovin’ is a platform that allows users to read, organize, and discover their favorite blogs on mobile and desktop. It is a design-focused platform that aggregates feeds from sources with RSS feeds, allowing users to discover and organize content. As of April 2014, Bloglovin’ reaches over 16 million …

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Let’s Go to Bed – I don’t like this day. I need a new one.

Lets go to bed. I am tired of this day, I need a new one.

And… This morning I feel like a murderer…..I woke to the darkness and took my time out on the deck to enjoy the mornings peaceful and finally, warmer temps. Coffee in hand I could hear Peckerhead crowing his own greeting to what promises to be a nice day. The Little Chicken Mafia clucking away quietly, …

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Merry Christmas from Nancy Broadley

merry christmas from Nancy Broadley

Merry Christmas 🙂 Twas Christmas Day, All was quiet on the farm, Not a creature was stirring, Not even the Little Chicken Mafia in the Barn. As my boots squished through the poop, And with hay in my hair, I delivered the chickens, Their Christmas fare. The Nasties were quiet, as quiet as Duckies could …

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