Climbing the Green Ladder

climbing the green wooden ladder

One of the great benefits of our day and age is that we have so many more ways to one-up the next guy. For example, depending on your perspective and priorities, you can feel better about either sending your child to a public school in need of kids from stable homes or a private school in need of poor kids to help level out the demographics. We do both, which puts our family on a real high horse.

Appreciating the Winter Garden

hellabores - christmas rose

Two words bring together my feelings about gardening: appreciation and fascination. At the end of December, when time seems compressed and hasty, tasks are many and quiet moments few, the garden gives us time to appreciate a slower, gentler pace. Appreciation means, to me, looking closely at plants, sensing the feel of damp winter air, …

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Flower Planting Schedule

milk thistle seedlings

Planting Flower Seeds Recommended Not Recommended This table lists the recommended times to sow flower seeds for typical Zones 8-9. If you are in zone 7, for instance, go back a month, zone 6, a month and a half. If you don’t know your zone, check the planting zone maps. And when buying transplants, remember …

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Creating a Beautiful Perennial Border

beautiful perennial border in bloom

These are the steps I take in preparing and creating a beautiful perennial border that is purely dedicated to herbaceous plants and does not include the planting of shrubs, but can include using bulbs or annuals to help with all year-round color. Before starting work it is important to plan the overall size of the …

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