Growing Tomatoes

fresh sliced tomatoes

This is a series of articles with information on how to grow tomatoes; from sowing seeds through to how to use up all the fruit you can’t eat fresh at the end of the season…. it’s all here! Starting Tomatoes from Seed What could be more delicious than fresh tomatoes straight from the garden? If …

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Blossom End Rot

Tomatoes grown in containers and indeterminate (vining) heirloom tomatoes can be more susceptible to Blossom End Rot (BER) that is caused by an inability to adequately uptake calcium from the soil. This condition is more likely caused by fluctuating moisture levels rather than a deficiency of calcium in the soil. But, it can also be …

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Tomato Diseases

Fusarium Wilt: Over winters in the soil. Lower leaves turn yellow, wilt and drop off. Blight (Late): A disease that strikes tomatoes and potatoes, can quickly ruin an entire crop — and provide a source of infection for other plants. It is critical that gardeners understand that late blight is not like other tomato and …

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Tomatoes – Pests and Disease

aphids are tomato pests

Although tomatoes are relatively easy to grow, there can be problems with a variety of tomato pests and disease. The most common tomato pests and disease Aphids – I wouldn’t use pesticides when there is such an easy way to kill them. An organic way of dealing with them is to spray with soapy water. …

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How to Choose Tomato Plants

how to choose a tomato plant

Zeroing in on the Tastiest Varieties From North to South, and coast to coast, tomatoes are consistently the most popular vegetable in American gardens. But for most gardeners, just any old tomato won’t do. How do you choose tomato plants? Some like them red, some like them yellow, orange or even purple! Some prefer tomatoes …

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Starting Tomatoes from Seed

starting tomatoes from seed

There are many advantages seed planting your own tomatoes Starting tomatoes from seed is a very rewarding experience. Watching them grow from a tiny (and tomato seed ARE tiny!) seed into a towering plant full of the most delicious taste experience ever is tremendously fun! It may have a few days of hard work involved, …

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Cutting Tomato Horn Worm Damage

tomato hornworm

Ever wake up one morning to this? One day your tomatoes are looking better than you’ve ever seen them and WHAMMO! Without warning, without notice, they are decimated overnight. The first clue beside the obvious disappearance of leaves is little black “droppings” that look like mice turds on your tomato leaves or on the ground …

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Heirloom Tomatoes and Disease Resistance

tomatoes on cutting board

Unlike hybrid tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes have not been tested and bred for disease resistance. For this reason, they may or may not have some natural resistance to various diseases. However, it is beneficial to remember that these unique varieties would not have been saved if they were not both productive and tasty. You can give …

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Beat High Prices by Growing Your Own Tomatoes

It’s easy,very inexpensive and they taste better too so lets get started! STEP 1: Which tomatoes should I grow? If you have a long growing season then you would want to go with an indeterminate variety which grows all summer long. If your growing season is short then you would go with a determinate variety …

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