5 Ways Sugar Causes Disease

sugar causes disease

Most adults know that sugar is detrimental to their health. We know that sugar causes disease, yet, our eyes glaze over and our mouths water when we look at those enticing cookies as we pass the bakery in the grocery store. Why the temptation? Temptation gets the better of most people, and the next thing …

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5 Reasons Millions Of People Use Alternative Medicine

one reason people use alternative medicine is because they trust it

Maybe you are curious about alternative medicine and want to know why so many people use it. Maybe you’re skeptical about alternative medicine and are curious about why so many people put their faith in it.

Basic Bath Bomb Recipe

recipe for the perfect bath bomb

How to Make Basic Fizzy Bath Bombs There’s nothing like a long, warm, fizzy bath at the end of the day! And there’s something even better about knowing that you made those fizzy bath bombs with your own two hands. Bath bombs can be a fun indulgence or a great gift, and with this simple …

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3 Ideas Where To Buy Fresh, Organic Fruit

pamela stelmasek

Would you like a few new ideas about where to buy fresh, organic fruit? Buying fresh fruit that doesn’t come with toxins and chemicals can be a challenge to find. Not only that… when they are in the local grocery stores they are usually quite a bit more expensive than the other fruits. A recent …

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DIY Back Pain Solutions

If you’re like most people, you want to avoid surgery if at all possible. That’s why you should try some DIY back pain solutions that have been known to work to ease the pain you may be experiencing. When you’re experiencing back pain, it can make you feel frustrated because it often limits what you …

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Vitamins and Minerals: Are You Getting What You Need?

vitamins and minterals

Vitamins And Minerals – Make Certain You Get What You Need Vitamins and minerals are essential to support normal physiologic function. There are three characteristics of vitamins: they’re essential for physiologic function, are natural components of food, and when absent from our diet can cause a deficiency. They are either water-soluble or fat soluble, and …

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The Connection Between Exercise And Brain Power

connection between exercise and brain power

You shouldn’t begin engaging in regular physical activity only after you’ve already noticed a potential health threat. If you start exercising now, you’ll greatly reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, amount other health problems. Other benefits of exercise include weight loss and lower blood pressure. However, regular physical activity won’t only keep …

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Top Nutrient Dense Foods You Should Know – Especially if You Are Over 50

nutrient dense food

It’s not like 50 is a magical age when everything changes, but as we age it becomes more tricky to keep our lowering need for calories in line with our increasing need for vitamins. To maintain good health as we grow into our 50’s, finding nutrient dense food becomes more … ahem… important. Our requirements …

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