Our Gordon Setters

Duffster’s Adorable Belle whelped 5 new puppies on April 19, 2022!!

If you are interested in having your own Gordon Setter Puppy contact me by email. They will be ready for Father’s Day!

All of our litters are whelped in our family room, and the puppies are raised in our home as part of the family. Here they receive constant love and attention, with plenty of room to run, play, and explore. We move them outside at 4 weeks to have room to romp and stomp and work on their noses.

Gordon Setters are usually a kind and cheerful breed of dog that are really attached to their owners and are ready to give them all the love they have. They are also really good children companions and never show aggression to their family.

We do not remove dew claws because we believe that the science supports their use, especially in field dogs.

This is Sherlock
This is Sherlock being just FREAKING adorable!
This is Diego
This is Diego. He’s our pick of the litter… well, tough choice between them, they’re all such great puppies!
This is Manny
This is Manny. Someone said, he’s so FAT! I said, I’m not fat, I’m fluffy. Hence the name.
This is Sanford
This is Sanford
This is Sassy Pants
This is Sassy Pants. She’s the only girl.
This is Duffy
This is Duffy, the daddy dog. Never had a father play with his pups so much. He LOVEs them!
This is everybody
This is everybody, Duffy on the left and Dory on the right.

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