How to Grow Cucumbers

cucumbers in a bucket

Learn How to Plant, Pick and Preserve This Crisp Vining Squash Ever hear the phrase “cool as a cucumber”? Whoever originated the phrase knew their fruits; the inside of a cucumber can be up to 20 degrees cooler than the outside air, making it the perfect snack or accompaniment to a mid-summer’s feast. Although commonly …

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Growing Tomatoes

fresh sliced tomatoes

This is a series of articles with information on how to grow tomatoes; from sowing seeds through to how to use up all the fruit you can’t eat fresh at the end of the season…. it’s all here! Starting Tomatoes from Seed What could be more delicious than fresh tomatoes straight from the garden? If …

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How to Grow Horseradish

horseradish plant after blooming

In 1995 the International Herb Association started naming a Herb of the Year. This practice brings focus each year to a particular herb so herb enthusiasts, groups and gardeners can learn more about an individual herb. This year, 2011, Horseradish, Armoracia rusticana, is the herb of the year. So, let’s explore this pungent, powerful herb. …

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Sunflowers – A Complete Guide to Selecting and Growing

sunflower looking skyward

Congratulations on your interest in growing sunflowers! The sunflower is one of the most widely recognized flowers of all time. It emits a sense of warmth and joy. This large flower blooms in a wide variety of yellows, pinks, and even reds. With a little care you will be rewarded by the most noble of …

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