Oklahoman’s and Ice

Oklahoman's dealing with an ice storm

So, you won’t know this about me (probably) but earthquakes scare me. I was talking with a friend from Cali the other day (discussing her moving east) and she said, “But aren’t you scared to death of the tornadoes?” I retorted, “Not nearly so much as dealing with an earthQUAKE!” I suppose every state has …

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Right to Farm Equals No Right to Grow Food

homegrown cabbage

Yesterday, Missouri passed by a .03% margin an undemocratic constitutional amendment cynically called “right to farm.” Big Ag is pushing this in Oklahoma. This is for the benefit of multinational meat companies (Tyson) and chemical companies (Monsanto). They want it to be impossible for local citizens to exercise any control over these global corporations. Practices …

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Food Security in Oklahoma

From Field to Fork: Food Security in Oklahomaby Maura McDermott Community Food Security: Issues of Concern Community food security is a relatively new concept with roots in such disciplines as community nutrition, nutrition education, public health, sustainable agriculture, and anti-hunger and community development. There is no universally accepted definition of community food security. In the …

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Green Run aMUCK.

Okay, so last year I was begging for rain. They said Oklahoma was the driest it had been since the dust bowl. But THIS year, oh my… like they say, be careful what you wish for… The two raised beds are entirely tooo small to grow all this ‘big stuff’ zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, all my …

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