Garden All Year

cold frame

The rewards for investing your time (and a bit of cash) in learning how to garden all year are extraordinary. With a bit of time and (if you’re industrious) not too much cash outlay, you can garden even in the coldest months. Whether one would like to admit it or not, we do tend to …

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Oklahoman’s and Ice

Oklahoman's dealing with an ice storm

So, you won’t know this about me (probably) but earthquakes scare me. I was talking with a friend from Cali the other day (discussing her moving east) and she said, “But aren’t you scared to death of the tornadoes?” I retorted, “Not nearly so much as dealing with an earthQUAKE!” I suppose every state has …

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EPA approves use of toxic pesticide previously banned for use on citrus

Image: EPA approves use of toxic pesticide previously banned for use on citrus

(Natural News) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Jan. 12 that it approved the use of aldicarb, a toxic pesticide it had banned in 2010, and the antibiotic streptomycin on Florida’s citrus plants. The decision allows 100,000 acres of citrus groves to be treated with 2.5 million pounds of aldicarb, which has been banned in over …

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Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter Puppy

We have a new litter of Gordon Setter puppies! Great temperaments for field or companionship. Home raised, socialized, AKC registered, as age permits will be current on shots and de-worming. I do NOT cut dewclaws. There is scientific evidence to prove that dogs USE their dew claws. ([Source 1] [Source 2])Pictures, pedigrees and references available. …

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How to Make Fire Cider

how to make fire cider

Fire cider is one medicinal herbal tonic (of many!) that can be made easily in anyone’s kitchen using some of nature’s most powerful ingredients; creating one of the most effective herbal remedies that the whole family can reap amazing health benefits from. Want to know how to make fire cider? Have you heard of fire …

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Whey Too Much: Greek Yogurt’s Dark Side


Greek yogurt has taken America and the world by storm. This growing industry provides a healthy, protein packed snack that tastes delicious and is low in calories. A while back I came across this article that explains a bit more about the manufacturing side of Greek style yogurt and it’s affects on US industry. This …

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Understanding the Dangers of Sugar Addiction

dangers of sugar addiction

Sugar addiction affects millions of people globally. It is so insidious that most people don’t even realize that they are addicted to sugar. If one could simply sit down and write everything with sugar IN it in a food diary, they may see just how bad it really is. Over the past 50 years, there …

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Winter Gardening in Containers

unusual containers for winter gardening

Many Winter Vegetables Can Be Grown In Containers The satisfaction of growing fresh vegetables is undeniable, but many gardeners do not have a suitable in-ground location to grow them. That’s why choosing to do your winter gardening in containers is a suitable choice. If you are forced to do your cool season gardening in containers …

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