The Eggbound Chicken of the Chicken Mafia

Good morning 🙂 And, Chicken butt. Now, I can seriously and honestly tell you I know more about chickens than I really care to. But, it hadn’t always been this way. I was raised on a farm and yes, we had chickens but the most contact I ever had with them was collecting their eggs …

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How do I prevent mice in my chicken coop?

prevent mice in your chicken coop

I love backyard chickens but I’m definitely not a fan of mice and rats. Just because you have chickens in your backyard, doesn’t mean you also have to have mice or rats in your chicken coop. In most cases, it’s the spilled grain that attracts mice into the chicken coop. Once inside, the mice may …

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Secrets to Build a Chicken Coop Cheap and Easy

portable chicken coop

If you are thinking building your own chicken coop to save money, this article was written especially for you. Discover little-known tricks to building attractive and high quality chicken coops that will save you money. Learn techniques that will allow you to build your hen houses right the first time while avoiding common mistakes. Find answers to questions about building poultry housing that you did not even know you had.