Winter Blues Have Set In

fall arugula

Okay, it is official. I am tired of all the cold ‘yard work’. The greenhouse is growing what it can just fine, the hay is covering the cabbage, brussels sprouts, and broccoli for the long cold days they are enduring… as usual for this time of year, the garden looks like it is waiting with …

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A New Kind of Rescue

banzai-bitsy-bottle I came into night to check on everyone and found one tiny little girl kicked off to the side, weak and COLD. I knew the first thing to do was warm her up, but I wasn’t quite as certain about what to do about her obvious dehydration, so I consulted the internet.

Our First Trip Outside

chickens' first trip outside

I wish I could have taken a better video, they hop and jump so fast and you never know what is going to get them going… it’s hard to capture the moment. But they had so much fun and I had a blast watching them. I sat down for a break and just laughed my butt off at them.