A New Kind of Rescue


I came in tonight to check on everyone and found one tiny little girl kicked off to the side, weak and COLD. I knew the first thing to do was warm her up, but I wasn’t quite as certain about what to do about her obvious dehydration, so I consulted the internet. I found  Save a Puppy’s Life and  Treating a Sick Puppy What GREAT advice. I’m still not certain that little Bitsy is out of the woods, but thanks to Ed Frawley at http://leerburg.com/ she’s got a lot better chance!

You can see her here with her spotted brother, “Bonzai” Bitsy is the little black and white on the left. The bottle is four inches long. Bitsy was the first born and Bella chewed her cord off WAY too short. This may have set her up to be weak too, she lost more blood than would be normal. While she was born the same size as Bonzai, she is now, three days later, half his size.

We have been alternating siblings to stay in her box with her so she will won’t feel isolated and we put her alone with Bella six times a day. She is getting stronger by the hour!

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