Chicken Coop Progressing

What a long day, getting things square against all odds. The entire chicken coop frame was off square from the chicken run due to the fact that I wanted to use the 4×4’s from the garden fence to build off of… seemed such a shame to let all that wood, cement, and hard work go to waste.

You can see the autumn leaves are starting to really fall. Another reminder that we don’t have long to go before it gets cold and the chicks still don’t have a place to get out of the cold. Errrr.

chicken coop frame done

My son works during the day, goes to school three nights a week, has two children, one newly born August 28th and his brother will be two in November. His wife is taking online classes so she can stay home with the children, but ooooooooh do they have their hands full! Can anyone say “You should have WAITED on the family?” LOL Well, ‘Life is what happens while you’re making other plans” I suppose, it is what it is. And being a grandmother is SO way fun.
chicken coop frame

So, we have devoted our Sundays to working on the chicken coop… it’s the one day we can all get together. Ryan and I work on the coop. Amanda does her homework on the laptop in the lounge chair (our chair count just keeps growing) Aiden runs around chasing the rooster (who is loose in the yard while the baby chicks in the chicken run if you’ll recall) and the dog, pulling up my strawberry plants, watering the fall garden, and generally just having a ball pushing his trucks around.

chickens tucked in
chicks tucked in safe and sound
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