Nancy Broadley-Rooted In Nature

Rooted In Nature

Please give a big homestead welcome to our newest contributor to FarmHomestead, Nancy Broadley, author of “Rooted in Nature, Stories of Hope, Healing and Feminine Wisdom! I met Nancy online in my herbal studies Facebook group. I kept thinking, “that sounds like OUR house”. She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me …

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Light Your Own Fire

During last year’s site redesign, I found this article written by someone that silently mentored me during the beginning website design years I spend online before 2000’s bust. He is inspirational and his ideas are timeless and don’t require a particular topic to be applicable. Goals, ideas, dreams, whether they are about securing the safe …

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Life is a Stage and We Are Stuntmen

… from the Natural Handyman Every now and then I wonder, “Will I be found out?” Ever have the sense that you are in the wrong place, or that you really aren’t who everyone thinks you are? Perhaps you are a businessman, a nurse or postal worker. You get up every morning and do the …

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The Difference Between Gardening and Farming

difference between farming and gardening

My father once said… I am a gardener, NOT a farmer. There is a difference. As if to provoke the obvious question, “What is the difference?” I never asked. But had anyone asked if my father was a farmer, I would have said “no”. I just mindlessly agreed with him at the time. If I …

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Still January

Today I went outside to find the slightest whiff of spring in the air… or was it just wishful thinking? After checking with the online weather report, I realize it is probably wishful thinking and that peas will not be in the ground quite as early as I had at first hoped. It is going …

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