Nancy Broadley-Rooted In Nature

Rooted In Nature

Please give a big homestead welcome to our newest contributor to FarmHomestead, Nancy Broadley, author of “Rooted in Nature, Stories of Hope, Healing and Feminine Wisdom! I met Nancy online in my herbal studies Facebook group. I kept thinking, “that sounds like OUR house”. She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me …

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Fall Foliage

fall folliage

Only a few regions of the world are fortunate enough to have a beautiful display of fall foliage when the leaves of the trees change in the fall – Oklahoma is one of them. Some areas of the our state are known for especially beautiful areas. I live in “Green Country” and this is certainly …

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Happy Herbalist Day! 2017

herbalist day

“None of us can walk the herbal road alone.” That is a quote from an email I got from school today. It couldn’t be more true. And for all of those that have walked this road with me, you have my gratitude! Shalom!

Where are you? We are here!

green country painting

Homeschool “Mom’s Night Out” looks like it was a big success! My daughter Hannah, her sister-in-law, Rebecca went with all the other moms in the group to a local artists’ shop. (She teaches the art class Rebecca’s daughter attends. 😉 ) This shows you, our readers sort of where we are. Where in the world …

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Light Your Own Fire

During last year’s site redesign, I found this article written by someone that silently mentored me during the beginning website design years I spend online before 2000’s bust. He is inspirational and his ideas are timeless and don’t require a particular topic to be applicable. Goals, ideas, dreams, whether they are about securing the safe …

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Still January

Today I went outside to find the slightest whiff of spring in the air… or was it just wishful thinking? After checking with the online weather report, I realize it is probably wishful thinking and that peas will not be in the ground quite as early as I had at first hoped. It is going …

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