Dogs 1 Rooster 0

Well, it’s a sad day at our little homestead today. I left the dogs outside for what was to be a warm night. I thought they would enjoy it. Mr. Red had been aggravating the hens so badly, that I had turned him out of the chicken coop last weekend.

Now, you have to picture this, LOL A big, Rhode Island Red rooster, chasing a big black Labrador around the yard. Molly, our lab does NOT enjoy getting clipped in the back when she’s not looking. Red holds his own every single day… until today.

I guess, since Molly was trying to sleep and he woke up at the crack of dawn, as usual, he found her napping. You can probably imagine the rest.

The worst of it was that he wasn’t dead. He was in terrible pain and beyond hospice. I had to do the dastardly deed. The least she could have done is… you know. Sheesh. Make me do this horrible thing. I cried for an hour. I’m not speaking to Molly for a couple of days. Every time she comes near me, I just wave a bunch of his feathers in front of her nose and say things in a tone I’m sure she wished she didn’t have to hear. So she can stay out in the yard… alone.

Mr. Red, Cock of the Walk Rest in Peace
Mr. Red, Cock of the Walk Rest in Peace

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