Winter Blues Have Set In

Okay, it is official. I am tired of all the cold ‘yard work’. The greenhouse is growing what it can just fine, the hay is covering the cabbage, brussels sprouts, and broccoli for the long cold days they are enduring… as usual for this time of year, the garden looks like it is waiting with baited breath for “her man to come home from war”… wondering what the outcome will be.

Aww, that is just my guilt talking for the few times I’ve had to up and leave a well dug and ready garden just before it’s time to work in it. Hate those times…

This year is more like, I don’t know if I will accomplish all my winter work in time to start the fun stuff in the spring… bogged down with resettling chickens, quail, and running back and forth to the greenhouse to take temps because I’m too cheap to get a thermostat set up.

fall arugula
arugula growing in the cold

The full water bottles are helping hold heat a bit, we just need fifteen hundred more. We don’t drink that much POP! But they are conserving some heat, just not enough. If it is 19 outside, you’d think we could keep it over freezing in there, heat lamps and all, right? Pfzzzt! Not so! If we get a 11 degree night outside, we might see 22 or 25 depending on the wind, Errrr.

But the arugula is just growing magnificently… and it is peppery hot! Creamy texture in spite of it all!

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