5 Reasons to Use Herbs Everyday

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  1. Build Your Immune System. A healthy immune system goes a long ways toward keeping your body healthy. Herbal remedies help create and sustain a healthy immune system which helps your body fight off many common infections like the common cold, as well as cancer and other degenerative diseases. Some common herbs that help you build a stronger immune system are: * astragalus * ligustrum * reishi * nettle herb.
  2. Increased Energy. Unfortunately, today, we are bombarded with products and advertisers that lead us to believe that caffeine is what we all need to have more energy. But the fact of the matter is caffeine, in large amounts, consumed on a regular basis, does the exact opposite. It actually drains our natural energies, quickly, leaving us feeling poorly even disrupting our sleep. Herbal remedies offer a deeper, more natural, long-lasting energy. Here are some basic ways to increase your energy:* Herbal energy boosters without caffeine. Natural energy herbs are effective in helping your body use more energy, more efficiently. A common and very effective energy-promoting herb is Ginseng.

    * Kava, California poppy extract and chamomile tea are all muscle-relaxing herbs. Tension wastes energy
    and these herbs will help you release that tension and increase your energy.

    Another great way to naturally release tension and help your body use its? energy more effectively and
    efficiently, is deep breathing and stretching exercises, including yoga.

    * Avoid sugars. In addition to depleting deep energy from your body, sugars offer absolutely no benefits to your health.

  3. Better Digestion. Digestion is key to overall health and wellness. Good digestion supports your immune system, increases your energy and even helps your body detoxify and strengthen.
  4. Heart Disease and Cancer. The leading cause of death in men and women, heart disease can be counter-acted with cardiovascular-protective herbs as well as immune boosting herbal remedies. One out of 3 Americans develops some form of cancer in their lifetime. Again, herbs that improve the immune system can help avoid the formation of cancer cells and remove them from the body. Used as a daily cancer protectant and immune system builder, the herbs listed above can help you regain and maintain better health.
  5. Responsible Health Care. Perhaps the most important reason to use herbs daily is to take control of your own health and well being. Herbal remedies have been around for centuries and have been called the “people’s medicine”. They can be as simple as growing your own in pots or gardens. They can safely and effectively be used daily in a variety of different ways from teas and tinctures to cooking, bathing and even applying directly to the skin for direct absorption. Even though herbs from your garden are unregulated, they are still much safer, and often equally if not more effective, than most strictly regulated drugs marketed by doctors and sold by pharmaceutical companies.
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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease" ~ Thomas Jefferson

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