Attila the Katahdin Ram Got Stuck

My Katahdin (hair sheep) Ram, Attila, got stuck between two fences yesterday. I didn’t get the video of him being released as I was too busy holding my “sheep stick”. He scares the ever lovin’ daylights out of me when he is loose. He butted me down to the ground one day and since then, I take the sage advice of sheep owners all over the world… “NEVER turn your back on a ram!”.

Those of you that do not own sheep (or goats or cattle) may not be able to relate, but if you do, I’m sure you will.

I honestly didn’t understand the advice… “Never try to ‘tame’ a ram. Don’t pet him, don’t love on him. He is NOT a pet.” But I do now. Since all this dealing with Attila I have learned a LOT more. He was a pet when I purchased him at six months, his name was Punkin. Enough said. So that was already started. He craved attention and love LOVED it when I scratched his ‘ole head. So I did. A LOT. I enjoyed it because my ewes won’t let me near them for the most part. Little did I know what I’d put in motion here…

Come to find out the “why” of “don’t try to befriend/tame a ram”. So long as the ram has a healthy “fear” of humans they remain fairly docile, but once they lose that, it’s “Katie bar the door!” He even rammed the back end of the lawn mower! Can anyone say butt head?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh my fool head off at him when I found him. 😉

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