Winter Vegetables

We often see different vegetables at Thanksgiving dinners like the root vegetables rutabagas and parsnips and Brussels sprouts. If you have grown root vegetables in your garden this year, you can leave them in the ground and harvest them as you need them throughout the winter. To protect them from freezing, mulch them with at least an eight inch layer of hay or straw. Potatoes should be stored in the dark under moderately moist conditions to prevent them from drying out and turning green, 40 to 45 F is a good temperature. Store onions in cooler, dryer conditions.

October Gardening Calendar

  • Watering – keep plants, trees, shrubs and lawn watered to help them prepare for winter; pay special attention to new plantings
  • Cleanup remove and dispose of weeds and diseased plant materials but don’t put them in your compost pile
  • Spring flowering bulbs – plant spring flowering bulbs over the next two months
  • Tender bulbs – dig up tender bulbs and corms and store until spring
  • Review – look over your notes and photos from this past year and think about what you’d like to accomplish next year
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