Going Green.Try These Ten Steps to a Better Garden and Backyard

Going Green? Try These Ten Steps to a Better Garden and Backyard Going green is the newest trend worldwide with many people taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint and try to create sustainable practices as opposed to the wasteful living many of us are guilty of now. One of the best places to start …

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The Many Varieties of Thyme Suit Many Needs in the Home Garden

thyme (vulgaris) in bloom

Thymes for kitchen use, thymes for fragrance, thymes for beauty – the many varieties of thyme suit many needs in a home garden. Everyone knows thyme as a versatile culinary ingredient, but there are also thymes that are scented of orange, lemon, and lavender. Try using thyme as a ground cover, or as a border …

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Being Green, Gardening and Why I Blame my Kid

So often you hear “It is all my parents fault” occasionally I even hear m mother taking the blame for my occasionally caustic personality thought I’m fairly certain I’ve never blamed her for my questionable vocabulary and sharp tongue Not that she is shy by any means just a little more diplomatic.

Easy Steps to Composting

compost layers

It is becoming more and more obvious these days that we need to recycle as much as we can, and anyone with a garden has a head start and can make a great contribution. To many novice gardeners, this subject can be somewhat difficult to grasp; but in fact it is really straightforward – there …

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