Integrated Pest Management Benefits Farm and Consumer

Today’s consumer is educated and more and more people want to know about how their food is treated and where it comes from. Words such as “organic” and “sustainable” that were once reserved for a small population of foodies or environmentalists are now making their way into everyday vocabulary. As a result, farmers are reacting …

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First post of the season….

I am STILL IN OREGON! Don’t feel like I’m EVER going to get home! Today, we gathered up as many native Douglas Furs as we thought we could carry home. We tried to gather a fiver footer (as it was going in a burn pile soon anyway) but it wilted before we could get it …

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Basils for the Home Herb Garden

basil- citrus lemon or lime

Basils include approximately 150 species, mostly from Asia, Africa, and South America that have spread throughout the world as culinary and ornamental herbs. Basil is grown as an annual in most zones under 8 since it dies down at the first frost.