Can anyone say ‘Grass Clippings’?

I was bringing my daughter home from a birthday part for one of the children she babysits for… We passed a man on a riding mower going over what looked to be a good two acres of smooth green grass… it was beautiful. As we got closer, I realized he was BAGGING it. And of course, my composting mind went to, “I wonder what he DOES with all that grass?” And I started slowing down…

My daughter (used to these shenanigans) said, ‘Mooooom, nooooooo!’ I said, “I’ll only be a minute!” And I stopped and introduced myself to a man named Eugene. He proceeded to tell me about the ‘old man’ that he regularly delivers his ‘green gold’ to, that makes beautiful compost. But the old man had only recently told him that he was ‘full up’ and at 84 he thought this would be his last year composting. (My lucky day, because as it turned out, I also met the old man, Walker and no one knows compost like an ‘OLD’ composter 😉

Eugene has a trailer and would be happy to deliver it to me he says. Having only recently moved here and not having had a chance to build up ingredients for a winter’s compost pile, I felt my mouth begin to water and I actually had goose bumps. My daughter was sitting in the car rolling her eyes. (I find that for a vegan, she has an altogether too little interest in gardening and I keep having to remember that at 16 her highest priority is animal welfare, NOT nutrition… LOL)

He also informed me that he ‘rakes up’ the leaves in the fall with this machine and it mulches the leaves automatically. I felt that rush I’m sure the old miners felt when they heard someone say, “There’s GOLD in them thar hills!” I am so not kidding. I really worry about myself sometimes.

So we made the arrangements.

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