Integrated Pest Management

garden bug balance

Quick Facts… Many disease problems can be prevented or controlled without pesticides. Always choose plants that are adapted to your local growing conditions. Avoid bringing diseases into the garden or moving them around within your it. Eliminate the disease-causing organism after it has become established on a plant. The Garden as Ecosystem Twenty five years …

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Cutting Tomato Horn Worm Damage

tomato hornworm

Ever wake up one morning to this? One day your tomatoes are looking better than you’ve ever seen them and WHAMMO! Without warning, without notice, they are decimated overnight. The first clue beside the obvious disappearance of leaves is little black “droppings” that look like mice turds on your tomato leaves or on the ground …

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Review Your Use of Pesticides

What is all the fuss about pesticides? Putting the more controversial issues of residues, contamination, and human health totally aside, pesticides are not the miracle cure for agricultural ills they were once thought to be. The basic premise of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is that no single pest control method, including application of pesticides, always …

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Integrated Pest Management Benefits Farm and Consumer

Today’s consumer is educated and more and more people want to know about how their food is treated and where it comes from. Words such as “organic” and “sustainable” that were once reserved for a small population of foodies or environmentalists are now making their way into everyday vocabulary. As a result, farmers are reacting …

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