Using Beneficial Insects

The “Do-Good” Bugs A guide to choosing and using beneficial insects, mites and nematodes. Insects are the most successful living organisms on the Earth. That’s just one reason it makes good sense to balance one against the other, rather than trying to kill pests with poisons. It is also true that in nature there are …

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Trichogramma Wasp

Prevent worm pests before plants become damaged with these moth egg parasites. The Trichogramma are a group of minute wasps (smaller than a needle’s eye) that lay their eggs in pest moth eggs, where the wasp offspring develop, kill the pest larvae, and produce new wasps. Preferred food: The eggs of more than 200 pests, …

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Lure Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

luring the beneficial lady bug into the garden

Worried that miniature monsters like aphids, hornworms or corn borers will chomp a swath through your carefully planted garden this year? These insect pests can be the organic gardener’s worst enemy. But not all insects are harmful. In fact, so-called beneficial insects can help you fight the nasty ones. So nurture a balanced, biologically diverse …

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