Health is a blessing that money cannot buy

One of the key ingredients for a great life is good health and good health is derived from good nutrition. One part of good health is exercising right and the other is to eat right. The risk of acquiring diseases can be reduced by controlling the diet and the amount of intake of certain foods. While most of us eat for taste, we forget the nutrition value of the same.

Fruits: Why Fruits? To start with, they are the most natural form of food. Most fruits contain water, fiber, proteins and vitamins that are required for our day to day life and they are fat and cholesterol free. Citrus fruits can help detoxify your body. Eating fruits directly may have a better health effect as opposed to fruit juices that are concentrated and may have higher sugar levels, which may not be the best for the body. Organic fruits are any day better than the fruits that undergo hybridization.

Vegetables: They are a very vital part of our diet. Raw or cooked, vegetables must always be washed before consuming. Vegetables contain anti oxidants that can reduce the risk of diseases. Seasonal vegetables are no longer a concern, as most vegetables are available in a frozen form. Leafy vegetables are high in Iron and Calcium and Vitamins, although they must be stored in the right manner to make the most of their nutrition value.

Fat: It is the richest source of calories in our diet. Fat is required for our body as they produce essential fatty acids. They are good source of Vitamin E and also help in nervous system functioning. They could also give you a healthy hair and skin J . A daily diet should contain at least 25-30% of fat. Excess consumption of food containing fat could result in gaining weight.

Liquids: Water is the most essential element for survival. Water is Vital for metabolism and digestion. Lack of the right amount of water can lead to malfunctioning of the body. On any given day, the human body needs at least 7-8 glasses of water to carry out proper functioning in the body.
Milk: is a rich source of Calcium and is good for the bones. Most people do not consume milk because of the fat quotient present in it, however, these days low fat and fat free milk, yogurt and cheese is available for consumption.

Negative Calorie Foods: These are foods that contain less energy but they require the body to use extra energy to digest them. Negative Calorie foods when consumed moderately can help reduce weight. To name a few, Celery, Lettuce Zucchini, Black berries, Guavas etc.

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All of the above are essential for the human body. Good health comes with knowing what you are eating and eating it right.

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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease" ~ Thomas Jefferson

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