Growing a bonsai nursery – Explore the hobby?

Many have bonsai propagation as a hobby. It is a pure investment of time, patience and creativity. Observing the growth and capturing every episode of the bonsai’s life is indeed a pleasure. Changing Bonsai pots periodically is like adding flavor to your desserts! Taking care of a bonsai nursery is a mere liking.

Bonsai nursery is not a business but a preference

Growing bonsai nursery can be a business for many, but for a few it is a hobby – an activity that offers a feeling of pleasure. What’s so fishy about bonsai plants and why are they close to the heart. The beauty of the bonsai is that it is an alluring plant and it changes every season. Watching it grow is like watching a baby grow in a womb. It is pleasant and gives a fresh feel every day you look at it. It reciprocates the way you see to it. Yes, there are many people who are crazy about growing a bonsai nursery.

Types of bonsai nurseries – Indoor and outdoor

Bonsai nurseries are typically grown outdoors only, while a few may be grown indoors. What is  an essential requirement if you are planning for a Bonsai nursery?

Bonsai Nursery
Bonsai Nursery

Sunlight! You need proper sunlight and it is a crucial factor overall. Rest all other factors are for beautifying the plant out of desire and not a necessity. Other factors may be present or may not be present, it doesn’t matter. If you are considering tropical and sub-tropical species like weeping fig and Fukein tea – these can be grown indoor. Whereas Norfolk pine and boxwood varieties should have abundant sunlight and is suitable for outdoor nursery only.

Bonsai plants expect exceptional care and attention

If you feel that your bonsai plant needs special attention, then here are a few tips that you must look after. Light is a critical factor to be considered. Few varieties need a sun light, and few don’t. You must place them wisely and its mostly unreliable. If it’s an indoor bonsai nursery, you must have a sunny windowsill as the glass will filter the light and give only a part of it.

Artificial light for bonsai

Few of them use the artificial light for bonsai trees. It is not proved that it is as efficient as the natural sunlight. Hence, prefer having a natural sunlight if you are setting up an outdoor bonsai nursery. Artificial light can be obtained using the fluorescent lights.

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Maintain a standard room temperature

Bonsai Nursery
Bonsai Nursery

Having the right temperature is important for indoor bonsai nursery. Tropical and sub-tropical species will expect a standard room temperature and healthy environment. It must be slightly cooler, but it cannot tolerate very cold weather.

Humidity level should be appropriate

Maintain a proper humidity level and air circulation by providing the proper amount of light to the trees. Indoor heating will reduce humidity. Indoor air conditioning will also reduce the humidity and these in turn will affect the plants.

Stay away from pests and diseases

Your trees can be vulnerable to pests and other diseases. It is your job to take care of these fertilizers and pesticides. Few cannot be seen using a naked eye whereas the rest should be killed immediately. It will spread easily across the nursery, hence killing one pest makes a lot of difference. Standard natural pest removal methods should be used to get rid of the pests.

All set to grow your own bonsai nursery?

When you are setting up a nursery, these are a few things that you must look after. As you get to learn more about your passion, you will start  exploring more about bonsai nursery! Research more in this arena and you will get innovative ideas.

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