3 Ideas Where To Buy Fresh, Organic Fruit

Would you like a few new ideas about where to buy fresh, organic fruit? Buying fresh fruit that doesn’t come with toxins and chemicals can be a challenge to find. Not only that… when they are in the local grocery stores they are usually quite a bit more expensive than the other fruits. A recent Consumer Reports study found that organic foods cost 47% more, on average, than conventional foods. So, where should you buy your fresh fruit if you want to get the best value for your hard earned dollar?

Can you imagine the days before grocery stores? We have lived our lives with food just down the road for so long that getting our mind around the ease and fairly mellow composure of the local grocers where you buy almost every single thing you think you need to eat is easy as pie. It is far, FAR harder to imagine how we made due without this fairly modern convenience. These days there are truly a plethora of options when it comes to buying food. The grocery store isn’t the only place you can stock up, and depending on what you’re getting it may not be the best option for good health.

Most supermarkets source their produce from big corporations. They would have to in order to assure the supply for the demand. In order to turn a profit, they have to maximize the yield of their crops with fertilizers and other substances. While these are (arguably) bad for our bodies, buying organic is still your healthiest option.

Of course, you want the best for your family.

If you’re looking for the freshest, tastiest produce… below you will discover the best 3 places to buy fresh fruit in your local area.
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1. Farmer’s markets

If you want to support your local community while also ensuring you get the freshest produce, local farmers markets are highly recommended.

As you are buying the fruit directly from a local farm it won’t have any added preservatives. The produce I buy not only tastes better but stays fresher much longer. That’s because it’s likely harvested within the last day or two, since more than 85% of vendors at farmers market come from within 50 miles of the market, according to the National Farmers Market Coalition (FMC).

Produce you buy at the supermarket travels on average 1,200 miles before it gets to you and is one-to-two weeks old. What’s happened to its flavor and nutrition with all that time and handling? Another reason to buy fresh and local… no preservatives. AND it will have a much better flavor and, more importantly, provide more nutrients to your body.

Buying fruit from a farmer’s market is a win-win for small farms and customers. Small local farms get to connect and sell directly to customers, and customers get high quality fresh produce and get to know their local farmers… I don’t know… The way it is supposed to be?

2. Amazon

Yes, you can now buy fresh fruit from your local area online. If you’re looking for convenience, you can’t beat logging on and placing a same-day or next-day fruit order.

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You’ll find all kinds of different fresh fruits available through Amazon’s grocery department. Just look under the “produce” tab and you’ll be able to select exactly what you need at low, affordable prices.

3. Local farm deliveries

Did you know your local farmers may offer a buy online service? The internet has really taken over and allowed farmers to expand their customer base. They may also offer pick up. That is a super duper way of meeting the folks that grow your food, where it is grown, and build good relationships. If it is a bit of a drive (for picking up) get together with friends and drive together or take turns driving for your little group. 🙂 This one has worked really well for me and a few of my friends/family.

You can log on, find your local farm website, order your fruit and wait for it to be delivered or picked up. Like Amazon, this is one of the most convenient options available when buying local fresh fruit. You’ll also gain the benefits of buying from farmer’s markets, only with the added benefit of not having to leave your home.

The best place I know to find these local farms is Local Harvest.

LocalHarvest connects people looking for good food with the farmers who produce it.

Local Harvest has this to say about their services…

Buying local is about enjoying real food, grown yourself or purchased from people you trust. It’s about developing strong local economies and producing food on a human scale. It’s about eating seasonally, practicing the art of cooking, and sitting down to enjoy meals together. It requires ample local and regional producers, processors, and distributors. As we see it, the goal of the local food movement is to create thriving community-based food systems that will make high quality local food available to everyone.

To that end, LocalHarvest makes millions of introductions a year. Hear what some of our members have to say about us. We make it easy to find good food.

As far as finding local food, Local Harvest is by far my favorite place to start, seek, and find my most local farmers.

As you can see with the options above, buying the freshest produce is not as stressful and tedious as most people make it out to be. In fact, some of the tips we have provided saves you the hassle of taking time to go to the grocery store. These options can help ensure that you always have fresh organic fruits in your home, so why not try them out?

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