Garden Calendar for June 2020

Once again, during the busiest month of the gardening year, I bring you… the Garden Calendar for June 2020!

Ta Da!

Want more weeds? Then don’t pull them! They’ll grow seed heads and spread EVEN FURTHER!

Here are a few gems you’ll find…

See the full list at June garden calendar for the food garden.

  • Identify garden pests before you attempt to control them. Remember, not ALL bugs are BAD bugs! Read up on Integrated Pest Management
  • Bacillus thuringiensis is safe to use on cole crops against the imported cabbage worm. Use according to label directions. A “spreader-sticker” is needed to keep Bt on the leaves. A spreader-sticker could be a single tablespoon of fish_emulsion, light horticultural oil, or insecticidal_soap added to each gallon of spray mix and will help the liquefied powder stick to leaves.
  • Encourage children to join you in the garden by planting seeds that provide quick results. Radishes germinate within 2 or 3 days and mature in a few weeks. Marigolds go from seedlings to flowering plants in less than a month. Or, plant a “zoo” of snapdragons, lamb’s ears, foxglove, catnip, and toad flax.

In the lawn department…

  • Clemson University recommends a sharp mower blade to cut the lawn cleanly, ensuring rapid healing and growth. Grass wounded by a dull blade is weakened and less able to ward off weeds, diseases and insect attacks, or cope with dry spells.
  • Proper watering means deep soaking. Light sprinkling is often harmful, especially on lawns. Wet the soil to the bottom of the roots (5 to 6 inches deep).

Perennials, Annuals, and Bulbs

  • When going on vacation, group plants in containers together near a water source and out of the afternoon sun. Grouping them will help plants conserve water, and shade will help reduce the need for water. If plants are located together near a hose, the neighbor who comes to water won’t overlook any.
  • Dis-bud chrysanthemum flowers to ensure large, beautiful blooms on straight, strong stems. To dis-bud, remove the small, side buds that form in the angles of the leaves along the stems. This allows all food reserves to be used for one large flower rather than many smaller ones.

Then there is the section on Trees, Shrubs, and Groundcovers

  • Use pliers to pull up woody seedlings and weeds. Grip the stem at the soil line, twist it around the pliers, and pull straight up. Watering deeply the day before pulling weeds will make the job easier.
  • Mimosa trees often disappoint home owners when they die an early death. Lab tests show mimosa deaths, once blamed on wilt disease, result from a combination of wilt and nematodes. New tests will help plant breeders select varieties resistant to both problems.
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There’s also a section on indoor gardening!

  • To prevent slugs and similar pests from entering the drainage holes of potted plants that have been set into the ground during summer, slip the pot into the toe of an old nylon stocking. This allows water to get through, but keeps out pests.
  • To avoid soaking the soil when washing off the leaves of potted plants, use a shield. Slit an aluminum foil pie plate from the rim to the center. Turn under the cut edges and slip it around the plant stem so it covers the soil and allows the water to run off.

There is so much more… check out the entire list of garden calendar for June. And most of all, enjoy your garden! 🙂

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