Garden Calendar for June 2020

june monthly gardening calendar

Once again, during the busiest month of the gardening year, I bring you… the Garden Calendar for June 2020! Ta Da! Want more weeds? Then don’t pull them! They’ll grow seed heads and spread EVEN FURTHER! Here are a few gems you’ll find… See the full list at June garden calendar for the food garden. …

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Garden Calendar for September

september garden calendar

Don’t forget your Garden Calendar for September. You don’t want to miss anything important! Harvest! If you took the time to plant a fall garden, many good veggies will be ready for harvest this month. If you happen to get more produce from your happy plants than you anticipated, make sure you still get everything …

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Why I Love July

black eyed susan - rudbeckia hirta

Why do I Love July? πŸ™‚ I love garden writers and Evelyn Hadden is no exception. If you have never read what she writes, check it out at Evelyn Hadden – Garden Rant. But in case you may miss this little bit, I will quote her… “Here’s what I like about July. It follows April, …

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Garden Calendar February

While mid to late spring is the busiest time of the year for most gardeners, there are a variety of chores that I reserve strictly for winter… here is the Garden Calendar for February Be sure to be making your spring order list from your favorite gardening catalogs! Here are a couple of quick ideas… …

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