Nancy Broadley-Rooted In Nature

Please give a big homestead welcome to our newest contributor to FarmHomestead, Nancy Broadley, author of “Rooted in Nature, Stories of Hope, Healing and Feminine Wisdom!

I met Nancy online in my herbal studies Facebook group. I kept thinking, “that sounds like OUR house”. She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me feel like, “hey! I’m not the only one going through this!”. I asked her if I could share them with all my homesteading friends and now she’s part of the FH team!

You can read her first posted story about Peckerhead and the Chicken Mafia here.

Nancy is an Author, Homesteader and Herbalist. A mother of two grown children and grand-mother to two beautiful girls. She is also Fur-mom to three girls, prison guard of the Little Chicken Mafia, The Bad boy of the Barnyard and Two Little Nasties (her ducks). She has a great sense of humor and she says that… “undertaking this lifestyle has brought out the best of me.” She live in the hills of Washington, New Hampshire….a beautiful and serene setting for this simple lifestyle she has chosen.

About Rooted In Nature

You can find it on Amazon, it’s called Rooted In Nature, Stories of Hope, Healing and Feminine Wisdom.

Stories are the legacy we share, imprinted deep into our souls, of hardship and grace, tears and joy, laughter and loss. Stories passed from woman to woman, generation to generation, the stories of your mother, your grandmother, and all the women who walked before them. I honor each one of them. I bow to each tear shed, each sigh that escaped a weary heart, and to you, my sisters in legacy. We form a sisterhood of fierce love and wild ways. We are the healers, the keepers of the stories, the one solid in a foundation that is in constant shift. This book is a collection of these stories. Come and sit awhile…

Rooted In Nature

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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease" ~ Thomas Jefferson

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