Fall Foliage

fall folliage

Only a few regions of the world are fortunate enough to have a beautiful display of fall foliage when the leaves of the trees change in the fall – Oklahoma is one of them. Some areas of the our state are known for especially beautiful areas. I live in “Green Country” and this is certainly …

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Addicted To Composting

It was in the fall of 1998 that I took up composting. Most Saturday mornings were spent watching gardening shows on HGTV and DYI. I understood that without good soil a garden was doomed to failure. What better way to achieve good soil but with compost? I wanted to find out more about composting before …

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7 Required Components of a Compost Pile

organic composting

Compost, made from decomposed grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and branches, becomes a dark, crumbly mixture of organic matter. Learn how composting works. Even a newbie to composting can make good quality compost. It can be compared to cooking as art or part science. The following 7 factors will help you master the art of composting. …

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