Why I Love July

black eyed susan - rudbeckia hirta

Why do I Love July? 🙂 I love garden writers and Evelyn Hadden is no exception. If you have never read what she writes, check it out at Evelyn Hadden – Garden Rant. But in case you may miss this little bit, I will quote her… “Here’s what I like about July. It follows April, …

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Garden All Season

All great gardens have one thing in common. That is, they offer something during each of the four seasons. Through spring and summer the colorful flowers of perennials, annuals and flowering trees and shrubs are the focal point in the garden. Once the summer flowers begin to fade, the brilliant, colorful foliage of autumn brightens the garden. In the winter, it’s the evergreens, berries and bark which provide the garden with color as the form and shape of the plants become more prominent.