Why is Indoor Plant Nursery a Boon to Health?

Gone are the days when indoor plants would be treated as just another piece of furniture and left in a corner. Today, we are more open to the concept and the benefits of having an indoor plant nursery and their advantages simply outweigh the work involved. The most important aspect of keeping an indoor plant is the fact they lighten the mood of a room and add to the positive ambiance in your rooms. There are several types of indoor plants available in the market and you need to choose the best one for your home. When you choose the indoor plants, you need to choose some plants which will require minimum maintenance and watering. Apart from that, you need to prune these plants after stipulated time frame and you must place them in a perfect area where they will get plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

How would you choose the perfect indoor plants?

When planning to set up an indoor plant nursery, you also must take into consideration the real work they involve. First and foremost, the plants need to be protected against any form of pest problems that can arise due to the presence of spider mites or mealy bugs.

choose the perfect indoor plant

  • Where you place these indoor plants also affect their growth and to care for this make sure that they are placed near air conditioning ducts, the television, or between curtains. Indoor plants also need sufficient sunlight and natural airflow.
  • Your indoor plant nursery will thrive in the sterile soil as it prevents against plant diseases and growth of pests. Also, if you are placing them in an air-conditioned room, make sure that you have a spray bottle handy to mist them every day.

Health benefits of indoor plants

  • Purifying and Improving Air Quality

This can and is often counted among the top prerogatives of having an indoor plant nursery. Because we tend to spend so much of our waking indoors these days, the air quality inside rooms needs to be monitored and improved. A crowded room means more carbon dioxide being released and that can be countered by these indoor plants which absorb the harmful gases.

  • Reducing Stress

The lifestyle changes from the good old days of our previous generation that we are all guilty of can be countered by the inclusion of indoor plants into the natural decor of any room. Studies have concluded that it is not only speculation but fact that people in stressful situations or suffering from low blood pressure ten to feel better in the vicinity of the right indoor plants.

  • Releasing Water
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In the process of photosynthesis, plants are known to release water along with oxygen. They actually release moisture vapor and that is responsible for increasing humidity around them. Hence, we say you go with more indoor plants if you are looking forward to protecting yourselves naturally against dry skin, dry coughs, colds and sore throats.
indoor plants are good for your health

  • All Round Health Improvement

Indoor plants are known to work wonders on patients who have undergone surgeries and help the body to heal faster and hence, you will see a lot of indoor plants being placed in patients’ rooms. These indoor plants are also known to reduce fatigue, anxiety, and pain.

  • Improving Productivity

It has generally been noted that keeping indoor plants in office spaces improves the productivity of the staff and they are more focused and complete work on time, leading to a more productive work environment.

Indoor plants are not only a means of decking up your interiors but also a way of ensuring that your health (mental and physical) is left feeling a one hundred percent. A simple addition to the interiors has more far-reaching effects than you can possibly calculate and it’s all good.

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