Why is Indoor Plant Nursery a Boon to Health?

indoor plants are good for your health

Gone are the days when indoor plants would be treated as just another piece of furniture and left in a corner. Today, we are more open to the concept and the benefits of having an indoor plant nursery and their advantages simply outweigh the work involved. The most important aspect of keeping an indoor plant …

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Beat the Heat – Grow an Herb Garden Indoors

We’ve been gone… gardening!Hi gardening readers, I know it has been a while! the garden has taken on a new life this year and we have added a full blown herb farm to the mix. We’ve been so busy gardening we haven’t had time for posting. But I got an email from the folks at …

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Forcing Bulbs Inside

bulbs in pots on a window sill

Forcing Bulbs Forcing bulbs is one of the more enjoyable indoor gardening projects. In simple summary, you are convincing a spring bulb that it has slept through the winter months and encouraging it to awaken into full spring bloom, even though the snow is piling up outside your window. Your reward is a colorful bloom …

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Winter Garden Salad

ideal emergency preparedness food-sprouts

If it is a bit early to begin growing seeds indoors for transplants for the spring garden where you are, you don’t have to wait! Even if you don’t have a greenhouse, you make a windowsill winter garden salad. You can eat it within weeks! Grow your own Micro-Greens! Use a window box liner with …

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Timing a Christmas Cactus Just Right

Coaxing Christmas Cactus… The common holiday cacti (Thanksgiving Cactus, Christmas Cactus, Easter Cactus) often refer to several closely related species in the genus Schlumbergera. Commonly cultivated, numerous cultivars have been produced ranging from red, pink, and peach to white and can appear in massive numbers on a single plant. They are originally forest cacti, growing …

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Bulb Forcing Timetable

bulbs in pots on a window sill

NAME OF BULB WEEKS OF COLD WEEKS TO BLOOM Amaryllis/Hippeastrum none 6 to 8 Chionodoxa luciliae 15 2-3 Crocus chrysanthus 15 2-3 Crocus vernus 15 2 Eranthis hyemalis 15 2 Fritillaria meleagris 15 3 Galanthus nivalis 15 2 Hyacinth prepared 10-12unprepared 11-14 2-3 Iris danfordiae 15 2-3 Iris reticulata 15 2-3 Muscari armeniacum 13-15 2-3 …

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