Using Worm Castings

Worm castings are a useful additive to any garden. You will see exceptional results in the color, quality and quantity of all your fruit, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants.

Castings are interesting in that they can be used pure as organic fertilizer or as an additive to you own favorite potting mix.

You cannot harm plants by using worm castings. The pH is neutral (7) and therefore suitable for most types of plants form azaleas to orchids.

worm castings
earthworm castings can be collected from your yard after a good rain.

Castings are a great way to incorporate the beneficial effects that earthworms can bring to your garden in a convenient, cheap and easy manner.

The following methods are typical of the many different ways to use worm castings:

  • Top Dressing: Simply spread a layer (about 1/2 inch deep) of worm castings around your favorite plants. Mulch and water.
  • Seed Raising Mixture: 3 parts aged compost or coir fiber to 1 part castings.
  • Potting Mix: 2 parts aged compost, 1 part castings, 1/2 part vermiculite.
  • Native Trees and Fruit Trees: Apply around the base and water well. Reapply when necessary.

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“Worms seem to be the great promoters of vegetation, which would proceed but lamely without them, by boring, perforating, and loosening the soil, and rendering it pervious to rains and the fibres of plants, by drawing straws and stalks of leaves and twigs into it, and, most of all, by throwing up such infinite numbers of lumps of earth called worm-casts, which, being their excrement, is a fine manure for grain or grass.”
~ The Rev. Gilbert White of Selborne, 1777

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