Benefit and Value of Insects in the Organic Food Garden

insects in the garden

Home gardeners often use more pesticides per square foot in their gardens than farmers do in the fields, thinking that if a little is good, more will be better. This is a serious mistake. Over-use of pesticides has a number of adverse effects: It makes your food less safe to eat, especially if there are … Read more

Beneficial Insects-Who are the Good Guys?

assassin bug ambushing a potato beetle larvae

Most people think only of pests when they think of insects. But, the beneficial insects found in gardens do not feed on or harm plants. The typical backyard contains hundreds of species of insects, yet only a fraction can even be observed because many are microscopic and/or hidden below ground or within plant tissue. Most … Read more

Using Beneficial Insects

The “Do-Good” Bugs A guide to choosing and using beneficial insects, mites and nematodes. Insects are the most successful living organisms on the Earth. That’s just one reason it makes good sense to balance one against the other, rather than trying to kill pests with poisons. It is also true that in nature there are … Read more