Keep These Healing Weeds in Your Garden

When you hear the word “weeds” as it pertains to a garden or yard, it usually means that it is something bad. However, while some weeds should be controlled, there are others that actually have medicinal qualities! Here are some healing weeds you should keep in your garden.


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Dandelions are technically a weed that is annoying to some, but many people actually like how they look. (I KNOW the bees do! It is their favorite pollen supply in the early spring!) Plus, they can be perfect for medicinal uses as dandelion has a lot of vitamins and minerals. They contain vitamins C and D, A, B, and minerals like potassium and iron. Dandelion weeds help relieve symptoms from PMS and are great for your digestion. So if you find some dandelions in the yard, don’t pull them out just yet.

a bunch of dandelions
dandelions are good medicine and GREAT bee food


Another weed that has healing powers and can be kept in your herbal garden is goldenrod. Goldenrod may spontaneously occur even in a landscaped area, so you can expect to see them pop up if you don’t remove them. Goldenrod used to be used often for respiratory issues, especially by Native Americans that found the weeds growing abundantly on the land. These are also good for adding to homemade diabetes and wound recipes. You can dry goldenrod weeds and make a healing tea with it.

solidago in bloom - goldenrod
Goldenrod is a wonderful weed to keep in your garden


You might not be fully aware of this weed, but it is definitely something to keep in your yard. Some people consider it an herb and actually plant it on purpose, so if you see the weed crop up, consider keeping it. Feverfew is a type of perennial that is part of the daisy family of flowers. You will usually see it in areas of your yard that have already been cultivated. It is really great for helping with head pain like migraines, along with treating pain associated with arthritis.

feverfew is a good weed to keep in your garden


Yarrow, which is sometimes called devil’s nettle, can be planted in your herbal garden or if it pops up as a weed, you can keep it there. It is very fragrant and when used in food, provides a natural pepper flavor. You can also extract oil from yarrow weed plants to be used as a repellent for different types of insects in your home. Yarrow is also used for first aid. Apply it to a wound to stop bleeding. Try to keep some of the yarrow weeds in your yard just in case there is an occasion where you can use them. Never mind they are elegantly fluffy!

small patch of yarrow in the garden
Yarrow is a for sure keeper in the garden. A most beneficial weed.

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