Gordon Setter

We have a new litter of Gordon Setter puppies!

Great temperaments for field or companionship. Home raised, socialized, AKC registered, as age permits will be current on shots and de-worming. I do NOT cut dewclaws. There is scientific evidence to prove that dogs USE their dew claws. ([Source 1] [Source 2])Pictures, pedigrees and references available. Inquiries always welcome.

The Gordon Setter is alert, happy, interested, and confident. He is fearless and willing, intelligent and capable. He is loyal and affectionate, and strong-minded enough to stand the rigors of training.

This is the Gordon Setter boy I am going to keep. He is just chalk full of personality. But then again, they’ve all got their attributes… it’s just that, THIS boy is going to be SUCH a handful! Little girl growler is still smaller than her litter mates, but she’s got the same personality! Dozer is taken. He is the largest of the boys. Nikki is taken and SHE is going to be a handful; very independent. The two… what we call middle children… are simply curious, with good noses, and very playful pups.

It’s like we had three sets of twins. The two larger pups, Dozer and Nikki are the largest two, (so far) the two growlers are the smallest but make up for it with front and center personalities. Growler boy keeps EVERYone in line. He’s like the “First Sargent” of the entire litter. He is the last asleep and the first awake. Growler girl is right behind him… enforcing the rules, LOL. Then, the middle children, one boy, one girl with beautiful white splashes on the chest and a bit on the feet. BEAUTIFUL little pups!

In the video Dozer starts in with Growler boy, then Nikki joins in.

Want to see more photos? Gordon Setter Puppy

Want to know more about the Gordon Setter breed? See the official website of the breed standard. Gordon Setter Club of America.

Note: We raise field dogs (as opposed to bench dogs) our dogs are meant to be in the field with plenty of room to run. They have shorter hair than the bench dogs.

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