Gordon Setter Puppies

On December 23rd my Duffster’s Adorable Belle birthed six beautiful Gordon Setter Puppies. Beautiful field/hunter dogs. Very good family dog!

According to the Gordon Setters Club of America…

Literature tells us that the setter was in existence as early as the 1500s or early 1600s. The word “Setter” was coined because the dog would locate a bird and “sit” or lay down showing the hunter were the bird is and the hunter would throw a net over the dog and bird

The major differences between the setters is the terrain which it hunts. The Gordon being heavy boned and square,suggests strength and stamina rather than speed over the craggy terrain of Scotland.

Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon, established his kennel of Black and Tan Setters at Gordon Castle, which was situated near Fochabers, not far from the River Spey and a few miles from the coast of Moray. The exact date when this occurred is not known. These first setters looked more like the field English Setters. The Dukecrossed the Setters with the flat-coated black and tan Collie. These dogs were good for hunting and herding. Other breeders used Bloodhounds, black pointers and solid black Setters.

Gordon Setter Puppies

Gordon Setter Puppy

Gordon Setter Puppy
Is this not just TOO precious!

If you are interested in having your own Gordon Setter Puppy contact me by email. They will be ready for Valentines Day!

Want to know more about the Gordon Setter breed? See the official website of the breed standard. Gordon Setter Club of America.

Note: We raise field dogs (as opposed to bench dogs) our dogs are meant to be in the field with plenty of room to run. They have shorter hair than the bench dogs.

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