Garden Calendar for January

This time of year most are working on their New Year resolutions, but as a gardener, there is a lot on the January Garden Calendar! Get a fresh start to the new year and get inspired for gardening with this gardening calendar for January.

Here are a few things to prompt your memory so you don’t get behind the minute your spring growing season starts!

Sterilize your tools, pots, and anything you use around your plants. How to clean and disinfect your seedling trays

Tired of all the lame wilted lettuce flown in from who knows where at the grocery store? Grow your own winter salad!

Seeds of celery, celeriac, sweet Spanish onion, parsley, anise, fibrous rooted begonia, snap-dragon, verbena, geranium, and petunia can be sown indoors now for transplanting outdoors later in the spring.

It’s a good time to prune most of your deciduous trees and shrubs.

On cold nights, it is a good idea to close the curtains or blinds between the window and your house plants.
NEVER place your house plants between the curtain and the window!

And you thought there was nothing to do in the garden this month…..

january garden calenar

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