The Reality Behind Home Energy Utilization

light bulb energy use

“SUPER ridiculously expensive” is just one of the astute exclamations used by people to describe their own home energy debt. Doesn’t it seem like every other week, the total of your electricity bill gets higher and higher? Rightfully, because of these increasingly ridiculous and outrageous charges, many look toward alternative energy sources. The demand is …

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Garden Calendar for January

This time of year most are working on their New Year resolutions, but as a gardener, there is a lot on the January Garden Calendar! Get a fresh start to the new year and get inspired for gardening with this gardening calendar for January.

How To Get Rid Of Aphids Safely

Do you see stunted growth, distorted and yellowing leaves, and an ugly black sticky goop on a plant in your garden? It may mean that you have aphids. A wide variety of plants are an aphids feeding groun, and in severe cases a plant attacked by aphids will fail to thrive. As they eat, they …

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Crimson Clover

Trifolium incarnatum- Crimson Clover

Trifolium incarnatum, the botanical name for Crimson Clover means “blood red”. Crimson clover is a cool-season annual (in southern states) that is relatively easy to grow and is more tolerant of poor soils than other clovers. A benefit of crimson clover is it is relatively inexpensive. It is less than half the price of perennial …

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Trichogramma Wasp

Prevent worm pests before plants become damaged with these moth egg parasites. The Trichogramma are a group of minute wasps (smaller than a needle’s eye) that lay their eggs in pest moth eggs, where the wasp offspring develop, kill the pest larvae, and produce new wasps. Preferred food: The eggs of more than 200 pests, …

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