Advantages of Using Plastic Planter Boxes For Your Domestic Or Commercial Beautification

When people hear the word flower pot, they immediately think of the classic orange-brown ceramic pots which you can see in many stores. While this was once the only option for those people who wanted to keep plants in their houses, plastic planter boxes have since taken over the market in a huge way.

Plastic Planter Boxes
Plastic Planter Boxes

The use of plastic boxes than clay or ceramic pots is very high. Its shape is small, the style and the colors are also varied. They come in different shapes and can also come in hanging styles.

Here are a few given below which will help you to get the best for your house


  • Plastic is obviously a durable material when it is compared to its other counterparts. It does not absorb water and therefore, it does not rot. It resists the harshness of sunlight and it is not as brittle as the clay pots or planters which you might be using.
  • On the other hand, they do not rust like the ones which are made from steel. Also, they are replaceable, and much lighter in weight which makes them easy to be transported from one place to another.
  • Even the larger ones can be easily taken to places, unlike the terracotta ones. Finally, the range of designs is large and there are hundreds of varieties available in the market. This will mean that you will have an added advantage in terms of both, form and function.
  • Plastic can be moulded and made into different types of boxes for planting, and mostly now, while making planter boxes, the manufacturing units use non-toxic plastic which will not have an adverse effect on the plants. 

Easy to find

It is very easy to find the plastic planter boxes for sale at different home and lifestyle stores. You will get many varieties of these pots. This variety is also available in many online stores. Not only you get a variety in terms of edges and design, you also get a variety of different shapes and sizes. For example, plastic bulb flower pots are shallow but wide. Square plastic planter boxes, on the other hand, can hold a large amount of soil in comparison to their round counterparts. This makes them suitable to hold plants for a longer period. Choosing the plastic boxes according to different diameters and then planting the seedlings in them during monsoon, is a less hectic task than when you carry a heavy earthen pot for the same purpose. 

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Plastic Planter Boxes
Plastic Planter Boxes

Plastic injection molding used to manufacture the plastic planter boxes

  • Injection molding process is the process in which the plastic material is mixed with the plastic injection molding machine to melt into the high-pressure plastic mold into the cooling molding. Then it comes out into a semi-finished product.
  • Some can be sold directly without doing anything while other require printing. They also come in a variety of finishes. For example, the plastic terracotta flowerpots are made of plastic and have a finish which makes them look like they are made from authentic terracotta.
  • The plastic planter boxes can also be available in the shape of an urn, to add to an authentic traditional look. Plastic pots may be available in a hanging variety, for those who are willing to create hanging gardens.

You should also know that the decorative varieties of their unique finishes are more expensive than the plain ones.  Now there are multiple online platforms and nurseries also have their own websites. From these places, you can compare the designs, shapes and sizes of pots and plant your next sapling accordingly. Happy gardening!

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