Chicken Laws and Backyard Chickens

Know the chicken laws in your state and city
By now, you all know that we are raising our own chickens in the backyard. The idea is to gain more self sufficiency and “buy local”.  It is important to know where your food comes from. Some are unfamiliar with the concepts, but for those of you who do and think you are living in solitude, think again. There are many beginning to understand the changes that are going to have to take place for this world to go solidly forward…

Here is a new article found in the Chicago Tribune, Chickens earning their keep in Chicago backyards according to the article…
backyard chickens, know your law

More urbanites have animals for their eggs and companionship. “It’s exploding all over the country,” said Martha Boyd, program director for Angelic Organics Learning Center in Woodlawn, which offered a workshop on basic backyard chicken care for Chicago residents last month.

Great news! And more people are fighting the chicken laws that say they can’t have chickens in town. Like Tim Jurik of Huntington Station, NewYork. At this website, there was a poll and a full 18.8% of those voting were against it saying, “NO! Chickens belong on a farm.” At the rate farms are dying out these days, there will only be factory manufactured eggs to eat in the future.

I don’t know about you but … ONE) I don’t want to eat eggs from these chickens. I want to know what is IN the food I eat… and TWO) I don’t want anyone dictating to me the kind of food I eat. Forcing us toward industrial raised animals  (see Sustainable Table to review the issues) I wonder if these voters are thinking this whole thing through?

If you want to know if your state allows it, check out  Chicken Laws if your town and state are not listed look up your town/city online. Most towns (even small ones) keep this information online.

If this topic interests you, google “chicken laws” and you’ll find a lot of good reading.

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