Just had to share with you all because only you folks will understand how happy this makes me…I had my 6 year old grand-daughter over yesterday and the weather was calling for a light frost last night so I had her help me pull in some of my more tender herbs growing in pots.

Well of course we had to pinch and sniff…right? So the first plant was eucalyptus…and I asked her to repeat it back. She now knows this plant as eucakisses…she pinched and sniffed..and says,

‘Grammy it smells like medicine…delicious!’

Next on the agenda was my lavender, same thing, pinch and sniff…and ohhhh she loved it!

Then came the catnip and the peppermint. She decided that she would take her pinches of all the herbs, combine them, rub them in the palm of her hands and make her own concoction… and it was lovely!

Of course when daddy picked her up, she had to let him know what each plant was, have him rub/roll in his own hands and sniff….my budding little herbalist…and yes, she especially loved the eucakisses.heart icon
eucalyptus leaves

Nancy is the Author of Rooted In Nature, Homesteader and Herbalist. A mother of two grown children and grand-mother to two beautiful girls. She is also Fur-mom to three girls, prison guard of the Little Chicken Mafia, The Bad boy of the Barnyard and Two Little Nasties (her ducks). She has a great sense of humor and she says that… “undertaking this lifestyle has brought out the best of me.” She lives in the hills of Washington, New Hampshire, a beautiful and serene setting for this simple lifestyle she has chosen.
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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease" ~ Thomas Jefferson

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