Well, the tomatoes are getting ready to be RED! Eugene has pulled it off again this year and has supplied the compost pile with over forty five bags of grass clippings. It is making a fine mulch as well!

I came by an old chipper/shredder just collecting dust in someone’s barn. What a BOON! for only $125!!! Getting it running will consist of some carburetor work… and I can chip and shred to my little hearts desire. That will aide in adding some ‘brown’ to the mix. My neighbors already think I’m a little kooky, always asking them…

“What are you going to do with that?”

They proceed to look at me like I have three eyes and I say,

“Then can I have it?”

Hey, one man’s refuse is another man’s compost… right?  Soooo, I collect all the fallen branches, etc from the yards around where I live. Go ahead, say it… when she gets old, she’s going to be the old lady on the corner that feeds all the cats… But I WILL have the best garden. 😉

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