Ideal Temperatures for Seed Germination

Seeds germinate (begin to grow/develop) at different rates. Some need warmer temperatures than others. Some seeds actually need light to germinate (like lettuce).

Use the chart below on ideal germination temperatures to achieve more success starting your garden seeds growing!

Shown below are the ideal temperatures for germination of many of the most common seeds. Temperatures are in degrees F.

pea seed germinating

Asparagus, 75°
Beans (lima), 85°
Beans (snap), 80°
Beets, 85°
Cabbage, 85°
Carrots, 80°
Cauliflower, 80°
Celery, 70°
Corn, 95°
Cucumbers, 95°
Eggplant, 85°
Lettuce, 75°
Muskmelon, 90°
Okra, 95°
Onions, 75°
Parsley, 75°
Parsnip, 65°
Peas, 75°
Peppers, 85°
Pumpkins, 95°
Radish, 85°
Swiss Chard, 85°
Spinach, 70°
Squash, 95°
Tomatoes, 85°
Turnips, 85°
Watermelon, 95°

ideal germination temperatures

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