Stop Rabbits from Eating Your Garden

Need to stop rabbits from eating your garden? It has been a tough season for animal problems in the garden.
On Feeding Rabbits…
Did you ever raise rabbits as a child? I would be willing to bet that some of you did! I’d be hard pressed to think of an animal I didn’t raise! But I was responsible for what they ate, they depended on me for sustenance. Now, I guess you could say, they STILL depend on me, as judging from my peas and carrots, I have no idea what they’d have done if I hadn’t grown them this year! Now they feed themselves anything they want… in my garden!

I don’t mind lending a helping hand, but there has to be some order here. Some feedback we got from our newsletter readers may help. Dried blood can be used as a repellent; it’s also a source of nitrogen fertilizer for the garden. Scatter it around the perimeter of the garden or the plants you are attempting to protect.

rabbit eating red clover
a rabbit eating red clover

Have you thought about using a hot pepper spray? Read-to-use formulations of sprays that contain capsicum are safe bets. Want to spray your veggies with it? Make sure that the formulation you buy is labeled for use in the vegetable garden. Helpful hint: Hot pepper sprays need to be reapplied during the growing season. Read the label first. (We have had some really good success with hot pepper sprays.) If you want it is easy to make your own hot pepper spray!

While not commonly known rabbits are deterred strong scents. Plant a scented herb plant like basil, oregano, or lavender around your vegetables to steer rabbits away. Rabbits also hate the smell of onions and garlic, so try planting batches of those plants around the garden. You also get fresh herbs and onions as a result, so it’s a bonus for you!

Fencing is another option for bunnies; be sure the gauge is narrow enough so they can’t get through the openings. Fence should be at least 24 inches tall to deter them.

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