National Bird Feeding Month

So, it is too early to plant peas and you have plotted (and re-plotted) your spring garden. You have poured, at length, through every garden catalog, planned (and ordered) your list and STILL it is only the first week of February. There are, after all, a wide variety of interests in the organic garden beside the soil. They are just as busy, if not more in the winter and I often envy their energy even in the coldest months of winter… birds in the backyard.  Whether you are an intense bird feeder person or just enjoy seeing them flit about when you make your gardening excursions, you will find something of interest in our post today.

February is National Bird Feeding Month, and to celebrate Nature Hills is running a 10% Sale on all bird feeders. And if you are interested in seeing what birds are in your yard, whether you are looking or not, you have to review the BirdCam, motion-activated camera uses “Smart Sensor” technology that ignores feeder movement and minimizes empty shots, so you won’t have to sort through blank images.

This national event was created to advance and publicize the wild bird feeding and watching hobby. The theme for 2011 is “Most Wanted – America’s Top Ten Backyard Birds

There are over 100 species of birds that visit bird feeders throughout the United States. For 2011, the National Bird-Feeding Society selected 10 species in two geographic regions to highlight. These 10 species are among the most colorful and widespread birds that use feeders, and will provide you with a wonderful, year-round, bird feeding experience. View America’s most wanted backyard birds.

National Bird-Feeding Month was established in 1994.  Read more about the origin of national bird feeding month.

To celebrate National Bird-Feeding Month, the National Bird-Feeding Society provides a  presentation called “Enhancing Your Bird Feeding Experience” which discusses best bird-feeding practices including bird food and feeder preferences, tips for a better bird feeding experience, and highlights America’s most wanted backyard birds. Depending on where you live: Eastern North America or Western North America.

AND… if you would like an electronic Field Guide (- that sings!) check this out… Identify birds by entering color, size, habitat or song. Compare birds side-by-side. Take quizzes and record your sightings … and much more!! Thayer’s Birding Software.

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