How to Grow Tomatoes

Once you have sown your tomato seeds, seen them germinate, then comes the big exciting day, planting them in the garden and seeing them to fruition…. get it? Fruition? okay, ANYway….

The usual, and honestly most productive method of growing indeterminate tomatoes is as cordons. What is a cordon tomato? Well, a cordon is an indeterminate tomato that is has side shoots pinched, and is trained to one main stem with leaves and trusses (sprigs of tomatoes) coming off it. Bush varieties don’t need to be grown this way. There are also trailing varieties that can be grown in containers and hanging baskets.Extra care must be taken if tomatoes are grown in containers, baskets or ‘growbags’ that they do not dry out.

Cordon Tomato Cultivation

  • As the plants grow, periodically tie them to the bamboo poles you put in when they were planted.
  • Every few days check for side growths between the main stem and leaf stems and remove them when they are large enough to handle, probably about one inch long.
  • When there are four or five trusses of tomatoes on a plant, remove the growing tip from the main stem about two leaves above the top truss so that the plant’s energy goes into growing and ripening the fruit.

General Cultivation

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