Growing Carrots and Food Security

Gardening is about food security.

I don’t talk a lot about varieties, I grab seeds from the Farm Supply store, read about them seed catalogs, and various websites, and work very often with trial and error. That is the sum total of how I write, how my garden works. You can read and read, but nothing in the world prepares a person to grow their own food like hands on growing. Like Nike said, “Just do it!” It is the only way.

However, rather than get off on a long discourse on the necessity of organic gardening, let me write simply about getting started. Much could be said about gardening. When I read, then review books for this website, I often think that next to love and religion, this is the most written about subject on the planet. And is that a surprise? Gardening (as discussed on this website) is about food… sustaining a healthy food supply. Without healthy food, we are a doomed people. The most important thing we can do is secure a sustainable supply of food.
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Have you ever seen the movie, “10,000 BC” ? The whole movie was about love and food security. The entire focus was on securing food from people who would control you with it. A people who have no control over their food supply are a people easily controlled by the ones who have the food. It’s quite plain. And it has always been this way…. Always.

The world, at large, has lost their ability to grow food for themselves. Their ability to secure food for themselves and their families has been abdicated to powers far more insidious than most will allow themselves to believe. If you cannot grow your own food, you are at the mercy of who can provide it to you. Plain and simple.

I care about people. I care about them living healthfully. I care about them not having to suffer. I spend much of my time on this website, writing and sharing what I have found and learned so that anyone who wants to know, may know how to grow their own food. Which is how this composition today was formed. I was reviewing the “How to Grow” articles and realized that I had nothing on growing tomato smile

So I will shut up and get on with it. I posted a new article today on that very subject…

How to Grow Carrots

Oh, and a great find and more information on the history of carrots at the World Carrot Museum

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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease" ~ Thomas Jefferson

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