Grow Lettuce in Containers

Why grow lettuce in a container? In my case it is because the snails and slugs will not let me enjoy fresh, tender lettuce, straight from the garden. For some reason, they have not yet discovered it when grown with this method. Another reason is that it is weed free, making a cut-and-come-again harvest a snap. Still another benefit is that you may move them around as the seasons change. More sun in the spring, more shade in the summer. In many areas lettuce may be grown most of the year this way.

The cut-and-come-again harvest is really the key to this type of planting. Here is how you do it:

grown lettuce in containers
lettuce is easy to grow in continers
    Step 1
    Plant a blend of leaf lettuce varieties in a wide planter filled with potting mix.
    Spread the seeds only about 1/2 inch apart, and cover with about 1/4 inch fine soil or potting mix.

    Do NOT cover seeds with soil. Lettuce needs light to germinate.

    Water with a mister, keeping soil evenly moist until seeds are established.
    Step 2
    After plants are about 4 to 5 inches tall, you may harvest.
    Using a sharp pair of scissors, trim the lettuce leaves about 1 inch above the soil.
    Step 3
    Continue to keep the soil evenly moist.
    In about 2 weeks, repeat step 2.
    You may expect to harvest at least 2 or three times from each planting.

If you plant two containers and harvest one this week, the other next week, you can get about half gallon of lettuce a week. If you plant a third planter before the first one dies out, you will hardly skip a harvest.

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3 thoughts on “Grow Lettuce in Containers”


    I will definitely be trying this, this year. Between pests, clay and horrible heat / sun here in NC, lettuce is not a good veggie plot veggie.

    Thank you for posting!!!


    • Thanks! We are in NE Oklahoma and the heat of summer can be brutal. My DH asked, why can’t we have lettuce all year long in such a large garden? I’m like, HMPH! cuz it’s tooo HOT!


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